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Finding your CoA

At GreenPlanet Nutrients, we believe in making your lives easier and that’s why we have our Certificate of Analysis on our website. To find your CoA, you’ll need to locate the batch/product code which is attached to every product. This batch product code will help locate the CoA associated to that GreenPlanet Nutrient product.

NOTE: We do not produce COA's for Non-fertilizer products. For example PH Up and PH Down

Understanding and finding your batch/product code. 

In this video, we’ve given you an example of how to locate your batch/product code. Some of our bottles have them printed on the back of the bottle or placed on with a sticker.

Example #1

Example: 12170318 is (Product – 12)(Batch – 17)(Month – 03)(Year – 18)

Example #2:

The above batch code is 21460620 (Product Code – 21)(Batch Code – 46)(Month Created – 06)(Year Created – 20)

Now that you have the batch/product code, please head over to our CoA finder. You can input the batch code into this section to retrieve the CoA associated with that product. We’ve password-protected this area and if you would like access to it, please contact us or your sales rep.

If you’re struggling or need some help please contact your sales rep for more information and support

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