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Rezin Receives the Best Flavour Enhancer Award of 2020 in High Times Magazine

Every year, High Times magazine sets out to examine the industry’s leading products. Nutrients, mediums, containers, ventilation gear and lighting are all candidates for being in featured their respective categories. However, only the very best equipment is eligible to be a part of the magazine’s annual Stash Award. GreenPlanet’s Rezin has recently received the honour of being named the “best flavour enhancer” of 2020 in High Times magazine. This means that among other flavour-enhancing products on the market, High Times found that Rezin beat the competition in terms of the product’s ability to improve taste, aroma and trichome density. Here’s what Mark Walman, COO of GreenPlanet Nutrients had to say about Rezin receiving High Times best flavour enhancer award: 

GreenPlanet Rezin won the “best flavour enhancer” of 2020

A big thanks to High Times for recognizing Rezin as last year’s best flavour enhancer. To be included as a part of the 2020 Stash Awards means that growers in the industry are moving towards clean, quality-focused products that enhance the natural characteristics of plants – something that has always been a part of the mission at GreenPlanet. Rezin has been a major asset to our catalogue, and as the “best flavour enhancer” of 2020, we are more excited than ever to bring Rezin into 2021 and beyond.

(Mark Walman, 2021, GreenPlanet Nutrients) 

What makes Rezin such an effective product? Watch our video to learn more!

High Times 2020 Stash Award 

As High Times winner of the best flavour enhancer award, Rezin was accompanied by leading brands including Quest, HM Digital, FoxFarm and Twister. However, Rezin was the only liquid nutrient product to be featured in High Times’ best of 2020 article. Here’s what the writers of High Times had to say about Rezin: 

GreenPlanet’s Rezin is the flavour enhancer you’ve been waiting for. It contains readily available amounts of molybdenum, a micronutrient that converts nitrates into valuable forms of nitrogen and amino acids, and vitamin B1 to aid in plant growth. GreenPlanet promises that you’ll see visual improvements in your plants as well as better aroma and taste in the final product. And it will not impact the PPM/EC levels of your existing nutrient solution.

(High Times, 2020, Stash Awards) 

To read more about High Times’ 2020 Stash Awards, click here.

Rezin at the Trail Blazin’ Cannabis Facility 

This isn’t the first time GreenPlanet’s Rezin was featured in a High Times article. Previously, Rezin was given a product spotlight in a blog post that summarized the thirteenth episode of Growing Exposed titled, “Trail Blazin”. In this article, author Jeremy Dichen discusses the cleanliness, green gardening practices and recent success of the Trail Blazin’ cannabis facility (2018, para. 7). Dichen also mentions that the growers at Trail Blazin’ pay special attention to the quality of terpenes their plants produce (2018, para. 10). They care so much, in fact, that these producers give their clients open access to testing information. For example, you can access test results about the strains they cultivate by visiting their website. With this resource, all Trail Blazin’ clients can evaluate the THC content, chemical profile, and terpene fingerprint of available strains.

Growing Exposed Episode 13 at the “Trail Blazin” facility.

Now more than ever, licensed producers need to stay ahead of the competition. So, to naturally enhance the terpene density of their plants, these growers rely on a single flavour enhancer  – Rezin. The growers at Trail Blazin’ farms also care about what they feed their plants. So, it happens to be an added benefit that Rezin contains no harsh salts, unnatural substances or PGR’s.

Thanks again to High Times for naming GreenPlanet’s Rezin as the best flavour enhancer of 2020! To learn more about Rezin, contact the sales representatives at GreenPlanet. Look out for Rezin at your local garden supply store!

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